2019 Harvey Milk Day West Hollywood

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Each year the gay community and its allies come together to celebrate the life and sacrifices of one of its greatest leaders - Harvey Milk - and the ultimate sacrifice he made, giving his life while standing up to serve and give a voice to his community. It was one of the first events of this years "One City One Pride" event that runs May 22 - June 30, 2019 to celebrate 40 years of LGBTQ arts. The City of West Hollywood's Arts Division staged a reading of "Dear Harvey" by Michael Shepperd. With both celebrities and political figures showing up it showed just how important and influential of a man Harvey Milk was; if only we had more men like him today.  

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Between The Seam and the Skin Exhibition 2019

Opening June 1st, 2019; runs June 2 - June 14

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As a part of the City of WeHo's One City One Pride 40 Days of LGBTQ Arts this exhibit was done by a Trans artist Pilar Gallego who created a new vision of artwork through vintage clothing, mostly men's button-downs from the 1950's and 1960's to represent thoughts on a personal journey and struggles known all to well. It is a fun and interesting exhibit that is definitely worth taking a look at, seeing the world through someone else's eyes. The exhibit will be up June 2-14th on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in Plummer Park's Long Hall

Free Admission

For More Information on the 40 days of LGBTQ Arts click here

2019 World Dog Day

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Superstar and Business Mogul Lisa Vanderpump began her dog foundation years ago and since has saved and helped thousands of dogs in Los Angeles. This was her 6th Annual World Dog Day Festival at the park and dog park in West Hollywood, CA. The crowd was full f enthusiastic supports and dogs of all shapes and sizes, see all the different kinds of dogs we found. One of Lisa's causes that she was raising money for was to save dogs in Asia from being abused and taken advantage of. She alone has two sanctuaries for dogs there to help take in animals and is working with Congress to come up with legislation to help protect out animals. It was amazing to see all the people brought together by their love for their pets and the bond of owner to pet all around as all different kinds of owners strolled the grounds with their pooches. It was so much fun to see and an amazing effort to be a part of.

2019 RuPaul DragCon

May 24, 25 &. 26 2019

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​What an amazing show out this year for one of the annual top conventions in city history.  Coming together were artists and admirers from every part of the world and spectrum of the rainbow. The greatest thing about the event wasn't the beautiful, amazing and talented drag - it was the fact that drag was used to bring families and children closer to their parents and to a better understanding of tolerance and love. On top of that there were some of the most amazing dressed queens I have ever seen, dressed to kill and with the imagination and style coming from places I never knew imaginable. Just take a look at the pictures to see the amazing range of style brought from all over to the LA Convention Center. Celebrities poured out from all corners to attend the festivities and have fun; from Lance Bass to Cheyenne Jackson, from Leslie Jordan to Kalen Allen and on and on - everyone had to get out and take part in the party, the panels and the celebration of individuality and uniqueness. Trixie Mattel (pictured Left) led one of the panels the last day for what was an amazing hour of laughs and smiles, her partner Katya and she kept the crowd roaring. 

Trans Pride LA 2019

June 14 and 15 at the Los Angeles LGBT Center

This year we got the chance to attend the Los Angeles LGBT Center's opening night "Big Queer Convo and Gallery Opening." There were so many many amazing and inspiring stories, people telling of their struggles and what they have to go through every day just in order to try and be who they really are. The sense of pride, love and acceptance was truly abundant and palpable in the room. It really is a time for us all to come together - no matter who we are - and have pride for each other, loving each other as we would ourselves or our own neighbor. Trans people are people too and deserve the same rights as everyone else. A group that often gets dropped from the conversation, the Trans community is easy to forget about - which is something that is our shame. We need to stand Proud with them as brothers and sisters and support them in Trans Pride as well as Gay Pride!

The event is FREE - Check it out here!

JHOLLYWOOD​ Productions​​


June 9th, 2019 in West Hollywood, California

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This year, for the first time, the Pride parade was broadcast live on ABC Los Angeles so that everyone could join in the festivities no matter where you were at, but being there was another whole experience. The air was full of electricity and excitement, everyone was having the time of their lives and forgetting about everything else to live in, enjoy and be proud of the now. People of all kinds and ages came together for the parade to celebrate the LGBT community and all that it stands for and includes. There were flags waving everywhere and people were screaming in every direction. Everyone came out into the streets and onto the sidewalks with love and unity in the air. This was the one time a year where everyone in the LGBT community comes together to celebrate what it means to have Pride, equality and all the joy and happiness  that comes along with being able to have that privilege and reaching out to love those around you. They marched for those who had come before, those celebrating with us now and those who will help us lead change in the world to come. 

2019 Heal the Bay with Venice Pride

June 1st, 2019

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To kick off this years pride season in the perfect California way Venice Pride started off this June with their Heal the Bay meet up to collect trash all along the beach and waterway. Even the small things count in helping to keep our environment safe and clean; our community can be a big help giving back by protecting and keeping safe something we should know so much about - diversity. The ocean is a diverse world of living creatures and countless things, something the LGBTQ population should be able to recognize and support and wanting to keep that safe is something we should all strive to do. It was amazing to see everyone come together to keep things clean and clean up the environment and get rid of some of the pollution and garbage along our beaches! 

LA! Pride Opening Ceremony Concert In The Park 2019 #JUSTUNITE

June7th, 2019 at West Hollywood Park, California

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​Paula Abdul rocked the stage for almost an hour Friday night in West Hollywood at the Pride 2019 Kick Off Night Free Concert! Everyone came out in droves to see the icon perform her greatest hits for us all to see and hear as everyone in the audience sang along and moved with the music. Paula had her own story to tell the audience about being strong and the struggles she has had to endure and her connection with the gay community, making it all the more intimate and fun. In the end the crowd was going wild to hear her sing and see those famous dance moves.

Check Out The LA! Pride Website Here