VIP Services & Personal Concierge

​Here at JHP we cater to our clients and their needs, no special request is too far fetched. Please contact us immediately for any questions or interest in our services. We proudly offer our services with private limo arrangement, dinner set ups, tickets, red carpet events, industry events and celebrity support staff.

Promotion Services

We offer special event operations, event coordinating, event support staff to include bodyguard and personal protective services, catering, production assistance, event flier distribution and social media promotion.

Entertainment News

Keeping up with the very latest in news and media, J Hollywood Productions is your source for what is happening in the entertainment world. Whether it is launching through social media, handling the press, protecting a client's image or utilizing our unique worldview as a media source of information and news networking J Hollywood Productions strives to remain on the forefront of Hollywood news, our fingers held closely to the beating pulse of pop culture.

Artist Services

​With years of experience in both music and film, J Hollywood Productions is here to assist you with the logistics of artist representation. JHP is here to assist new and rising artists with music business direction, image and brand building, team, photography, videography and website development. As well we offer image and artist referral services pertaining to social media, bookings and talent business.

Personal Assistant

J Hollywood Productions has years of experience with both business and domestic personal assistance, some with the top of Hollywood's elite. We offer administrative assistance as well as production assistance for both television and film.

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